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At The Healing Institute at Forbidden Plateau, we provide compassionate care for individuals struggling with mental health and addiction. Our approach recognizes that every person’s journey toward recovery is unique with the attention to personalized care. Our mental health treatment centre is designed to provide an immersive and supportive environment where clients can retreat from the stresses of everyday life and focus on their healing and recovery journey. We understand that addiction and mental health are complex issues that demand tailored care plans to meet individual needs.

Our BC treatment centre provides a complete range of mental health and addiction recovery treatments. Our interdisciplinary team of experts works collaboratively with each client to ensure they have the support in managing their conditions and establish a foundation for long-term recovery. We welcome all those seeking help, whether you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression, or trauma/PTSD.

Located on Vancouver Island, our treatment centre is one of BC’s leading addiction treatment centres, supporting individuals across Canada. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression, or trauma, we are here to help.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our admissions team - the first step towards healing is seeking help.

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Individualized, evidence-based treatment programs

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A private healing environment designed to promote recovery

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A care team dedicated to providing exceptional health care

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Set against the backdrop of Vancouver Island, The Healing Institute at Forbidden Plateau offers more than just a treatment approach; it provides a transformative journey aided by nature’s serene touch. We transcend the conventional image associated with the term ‘rehab centres’ and create a transformative and grounding experience for those seeking addiction recovery. Distinct from traditional mental health and addiction treatment centres in BC, our healing treatment centre reflects our philosophy: a fusion of advanced therapeutic techniques and the tranquil embrace of nature.

Vancouver Island, renowned for its pristine beauty, is an integral component of the healing process here at The Healing Institute. Unlike conventional addiction treatment centres Vancouver showcases, we prioritize the island’s therapeutic qualities.

Our institute emerges at the forefront of holistic well-being. The island’s diverse ecosystems do not just offer scenic beauty; they provide therapeutic activities that complement our tailored programs. Whether it’s a meditative stroll along natural pathways, engaging with local culture, or simply absorbing the tranquillity, the environment provides an individualized experience for the people in our care.

For those exploring treatment centres in BC, our institute provides a refreshing departure from city life. Far removed from the urban hustle, our sanctuary on Vancouver Island offers the serenity needed for deep reflection and recovery.

The Healing Institute is a journey into Vancouver Island’s embrace, blending state-of-the-art techniques with the timeless healing touch of nature. Here, amidst the island’s serenity, everyone can find a tailored path to rediscover themselves.


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Individualized Concurrent Disorder Program
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Addiction Treatment

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Family Freedom Program

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From our clients

This place saved my life, from the front door with Heather, to Rob getting me into this amazing heaven of a place, I can't be more grateful or more excited to show people this program can work for everyone.

I truly loved everyone here! I will always remember the wonderful and sincere care I received.
- Anonymous

I would recommend The Healing Institute at Forbidden Plateau to others in need.
- Y.S.

I feel this experience will help me maintain my sobriety. Highly recommended.
- T.P.

This is a very special place. Unlike any rehab I have experienced or heard about. It was an important part of my healing journey and I learned to sit with my thoughts for the first time.
It felt like a new wave of recovery!
- J.S.

Worth its weight in gold and then some,
I recommended this place to people struggling.
- K.P.

Exceptional! This is 100% the best treatment experience I have ever had! The environment is perfect for healing, quiet and intimate. The humans that work here are very kind, understanding, and funny as hell. The trauma program is amazing! A great mix of top down and bottom-up approaches. 5-star food and comfortable lodging.
- Anonymous

Yoga was amazing.
The Art Program was amazing.
The Physical Activity programs were amazing and as far as I am concerned, they are an essential piece of any recovery program.
- Anonymous

The compassion, overall concern and ability to relate, made me feel welcomed from the start. I really enjoyed the one-on-one support and the feeling of being a person and not a number. I felt safe to share my feelings and be truly heard. I was surrounded by people that cared and were available to help in any way they could. What a happy and positive environment with so much heart!
- C.R.

This was an excellent experience on my road to recovery from alcoholism. The counsellors, nursing staff and front office staff were exceptional. The food was excellent and abundant. If someone is a willing participant in the programming, they will undoubtedly find success at The Healing Institute.
- M.D.

Keep healing people! Strongly recommend it.
- S.T.