Phil Le Vesconte

Support Staff

Phil's journey began with the Canadian Armed Forces, where he served from the spring of 1983 until the fall of 1989. Following his military service, he transitioned to the Department of Justice (Corrections) in Saskatchewan. Over the years, he held roles in various correctional facilities across western provinces. In 2000, he accepted a position in British Columbia, working at Vancouver Pre-trial and later at Wilkinson Road until 2006.

Subsequently, he decided to further his education and became a "Registered Care Aide." In the Comox Valley, he dedicated his efforts to caring for clients primarily in cognitively challenged units and Dementia Units. His journey then took a turn towards working in Hospice, driven by the recommendations of some coworkers who introduced him to the Healing Institute. The rest, as they say, is history.

Having grappled with his own personal challenges throughout his life, Phil found that transitioning to the realm of mental health has not only been a remarkable change but has also proven to be more fulfilling than he could have ever imagined.