Family Freedom Program

The Healing Institute believes that incorporating families in an individual’s treatment is an important part of supporting recovery.

The Family Freedom Program is a six-week virtual program to include family members in the process of healing while their loved one is engaged in our inpatient treatment. Even if the family is located far away from our facility, they are included through virtual means.

Like all of our programs, our approach aims to offer a complete healing experience that nurtures the mind, body, spirit and emotion in the healing process through holistic and therapeutic practices. The six-week virtual program includes a number of multidisciplinary care options designed to suit diverse needs, including group therapy, educational lectures, somatic therapy, and experiential exercises.

The family will be connected with throughout the inpatient stay with a focus on assessment of inpatient’s condition and family therapy.

Families will be involved in:

  • Initial consult meeting prior to treatment
  • Assessment consult in Phase 1 of treatment
  • Family therapy designed to reconnect families in Phase 2 of treatment
  • Discharge planning consult in Phase 3 of treatment

What is addressed during family therapy?

A sampling of topics you will learn about in this program:

  • Learning more about the generational impact of family relationships, and ways that these relationships may be impacting you
  • Gaining awareness of any current blocks to reaching your personal fulfillment
  • Building on your communication skills to foster positive relationships
  • Exploring ways of enriching your emotional intimacy and connection
  • Establishing practical skills to build your personal relationships
  • Enhancing your relationship with yourself, as you explore your individual spirituality, self-care and support
  • Combating isolation by establishing supportive networks
  • Discovering tools for healing trauma through somatic therapy
  • Building resilience to cope with difficult situations
  • Restoring your self-worth and finding confidence to work towards restoring your personal health and happiness
  • Creating a plan and strategies to help you lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle
  • Learning about the latest research on addiction and recovery
  • Understanding family dynamics
  • Gaining awareness about how enabling impacts both the family member and the chemically dependent person, and exploring alternative behaviours that preserve the dignity of all family members
  • Discovering ways to live in the present moment, and the importance of personal support
  • Gaining awareness of individual ways to incorporate self-care, boundaries, spirituality and support into our daily lives.

We know that every family is different and we will respond to the needs of each individual and their family according to their specific needs. Recovery is a job to be done together, to reach a successful outcome.